About us

“Yes, I wish to join the  club!”

Latvian Automotive Club ( LAMB ) is the only club, which continues the best historic traditions of Latvian automotive clubs.

We are the first club in Latvia and ex-USSR, which after regaining independence started to resume providing technical aid on the roads.
The first call for technical aid at the number 8000000 was registered on December 18, 1995. This day is considered to be the birthday of our technical aid.

Everything had started with three cars of technical aid and one evacuation car, so that the service area didn’t exceed 50 km around Riga City.

LAMB has significantly grown today. There are 17 modern and equipped technical aid cars, 4 evacuation cars, and also 25 partners all across Latvia and Europe. There is telephone line ( 1888 ) for those, who need our aid and support. This telephone line provides the connection with call centre of technical aid 24 hours a day.

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