Lamb card terms of use

1. What are LAMB cards?

We offer two types of LAMB cards:

LAMB membership”Starts Plus” card is issued to a specific person for a specific vehicle. This card is valid upon presentation of an identity document of the person whose name is indicated on the card;

“Assistance Exclusive” is ​​the LAMB European car travellers’ assistance program (can only be purchased together with the Starts Plus card).

2. Time of activation of the LAMB card.

Starts Plus card is activated in 3 days (72 hours) after purchase;

Assistance Exclusive is fully activated at the time of purchase (receipt).

3. Validity of LAMB cards.

The validity period of a LAMB card is one year and the end of the validity period is indicated on the card. Each card has an individual identification number.

4. Territory of validity of LAMB cards.

Starts Plus is valid in Latvia. The Assistance Exclusive program operates throughout the Europe.

5. Additional terms of LAMB cards.

Technical assistance and vehicle evacuation services are provided in accordance with the conditions specified in the description of the card, namely: if the damaged vehicle is on a public road (its carriageway or shoulder), in a yard, in a parking lot, and if it is technically possible to drive up to the vehicle and to provide a service within the framework of the accessible technology.

If the damaged car is located outside public roads (in forest, dunes, other hard-to-reach places), the services are provided as far as possible and for a fee based on the actual cost of the service provided.

Repeated provision of technical assistance or evacuation in the result of the same specific problem is possible only after the causes of this problem have been completely eliminated.

6. What are the benefits of the LAMB cards for their users?

Starts Plus Card

The owner of the Starts Plus card has the opportunity to receive all those services and purchase those goods that are intended for users of LAMB cards, as well as the opportunity to receive a number of additional services for free, which are indicated in the description of this card.

Assistance Exclusive

A member of the Assistance Exclusive program has the opportunity to receive a number of services within the established limits specified in the program description.

7. How can a LAMB card holder get technical assistance or declare the need to evacuate a damaged vehicle?

  • In this case, you need to call the 24-hour LAMB service at the special emergency number 1888;
  • provide the card number,
  • describe the problem of the vehicle as accurately as possible;
  • name the address where the incident took place, its landmarks;
  • name the data of the car: brand, model, type (car, jeep, minivan, cargo, etc.), state registration number, colour;
  • inform about the presence of nearby obstacles or other circumstances, if any, that may impede the provision of the service;
  • indicate your contact phone number.
  • In case the service is no longer needed after the call, immediately inform the LAMB service about it.

8. Possibilities of extending the LAMB card.

The validity period of the LAMB card can be extended for the next year by purchasing a new card.

Starts Plus cards, as well as participation in the Assistance Exclusive program, can be purchased on the website using a payment card. Delivery is carried out by AS Latvijas Pasts, delivery time is 3-4 working days, delivery costs are covered by LAMB.

9. Procedure for cancellation / return of LAMB cards.

You can cancel the purchase of a LAMB card within one working day from the moment of ordering by calling the phone number +371 67566222 or by sending your request to the e-mail: